Red Pill Blues Album Review


Maroon 5 has a new album, Red Pill Blues. The band has enjoyed a huge fan base for many years now, having been viewed as revolutionary at their start with Songs About Jane, but with their work more or less typical when asked about these days. That does not make it any less amazing, of course; it’s just that we are very much used to their style.  It is the band’s 6th  LP that we find ourselves steadfastly listening to now, with Red Pill Blues having come out on November 3rd via 222 and Interscope records. The last LP by the band was back in 2014, and had an uncommon title, V.

Red Pill Blues saw its cover art released on Snapchat alongside a fan contest, with the ten tracks making their way onto radio stations slowly but surely. The LP includes the band’s latest single, “What Lovers Do” featuring SZA, as well as some other collaborations that have been fun. A$AP Rocky, Julia Michaels and LunchMoney Lewis are included in the list. There is a deluxe edition as well, which ensures we get some previously released favorites. Furthermore, the longest song yet, “Closure” at 11 minutes, is included on the LP. It starts off with an Adam Levine pop rendition and moves into strictly instrumental, swapping between guitar and organ for a good seven minutes. Not sure if that is our favorite part of the album or not yet, but “Closure” is the last piece on the regular version and the 10th track on the deluxe for those who are especially keen on hearing no lyrics from Adam Levine. We rather like the sadness of the story he begins with, though. Just don’t associate the album name with any anti-feminist propaganda as so many internet trolls have been doing the past few weeks. It is actually a reference to The Matrix, that rather stunning film from 1999.

With a tour planned featuring special guest Julia Michaels, Maroon 5 will be hitting the road in North America March to October right after making an appearance with performances at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on December 30th and 31st. So which pill will you take: the red or the blue?