The Paterson, New Jersey based rapper, Robowinck, is set to release his new single, “Amends” and debut his third EP entitled, Nightmare Before Christmas. This comes after the underground success of his last EP, Biggest Loser.

Armed with four strong tracks, Nightmare Before Christmas starts off with the catchy track, “Amends,” which is guaranteed to be an instant fan favorite. Rapping about what he did wrong while acknowledging his inner demons, Robowinck gives a clear picture of what all entails in the struggle of making amends with one’s self; “Got nothing else to lose, I’d rather die / Rather take the bullet down, then get mislead / I tell her once again, then she tell me again / I’d rather die again, I’d rather shoot again.”

Led by a beautiful synth that’s backed by a thumping bass, the next track, “Trophy,” which Robowinck produced, is sure to be heard booming in every sound system – from the west coast, to the east coast, and everywhere in between – as soon as the EP is released.

“Trophy” is followed by “To Whom It May Concern,” which is a beautiful piano driven track that is well produced and laced perfectly by Robowinck’s silky vocals. The last track, “Once Again”, has a smooth synth-led melody and a heavy 808 bassline that’s sure to dominate any party setting while having fans from all walks of life singing along to the catchy chorus.

Nightmare Before Christmas is an all around impressive display of hip hop, as Robowinck – who’s known for his energetic flow – definitely brings enough fuel for the fire with his passionate display of rhyming skills and catchy hooks from start to finish. Christmas might be celebrated in December (and in July on the Hallmark channel), but Robowinck gives us the reason to celebrate Christmas (and the nightmare before it) all year ’round with this beautiful album. It’s not just an album; it’s truly a gift.

Nightmare Before Christmas is slated for an August 9th release date.


1. Amends
2. Trophy
3. To Whom It May Concern
4. Once Again

Stream Robowinck’s Nightmare Before Christmas here.

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