Rock & Roll Pizza with Prehab & Gypsy Stew

By Lesa Browning


What could be better than Rock & Roll served up with pizza?  I’ll tell you what, a full bar, yummy sweets, a friendly staff, a casual atmosphere and a whole lot of fun.  I found all of  that in the sleepy community of Moorpark, California and on a Monday night even!  About a 45 minute drive outside of Los Angeles, Moorpark is not the place you might expect to find first rate musical entertainment, so I was skeptical when friends told me that this place existed.

Imagine my outright shock to learn that the Foo Fighters have been known to drop in and take the stage unannounced!

Rock & Roll Pizza has a full schedule with something fun every night.  Live music, comedy and even Karaoke once a week. But live music is really where this place shines. On this particular night the band scheduled was Prehab.  The local restaurant was not not packed, but it was not empty.  The band played like they were looking out over a full house. Meanwhile, the staff of Rock & Roll Pizza quickly took care of everyone’s needs, keeping bar and food tabs open all night. When Prehab took a break the stage was not dark, it was filled with the very talented duo Gypsy Stew.  Now I will be honest, I had not heard of either of these groups before I popped into this fine establishment.   I have since learned that Prehab is the resident Monday night band and can be enjoyed every week at 7:00 Pm.


The night’s selections would be a married mix of unique covers and original songs with friends and strangers in the audience having a good time shouting out requests.  It was clear from the start that Rock and Roll Pizza was a place where people are comfortable getting to know one another.

Prehab was jammin’ right from the start.  It was impossible not to pay attention to these four guys who seemed to be born to play rock.  I was immediately captivated by the drummer, who I would later learn, was Tommy Scott. He was shockingly good, really. Prehab as a whole were SO good.  They played several requests that were shouted out and too soon they took a break.  Being a geek, I quickly pulled out my iPad at the table trying to learn more about these four amazing rockers.  Soon they were milling around right behind us and the not so geeky rocker-chick in me had to put the gadgets away!  One member of the band engaged my friend in conversation, explaining they would be playing some original work after the break.  Before I knew what was happening, music began filling the room once again.  The eccentric looking duo, Gypsy Stew, had a completely different sound but it filled the room with a wonderful blend of Rhythms, bluegrass and Country inspired American rock. From where I was seated I could see a long haired cowboy going to town on a guitar, but I could HEAR a female voice and I thought she might also be playing the drums.  When the first song ended, I stood up and low and behold this magical woman with an amazing voice was on stage.  Gypsy Stew only gave us a tiny taste of what they are made of before turning the stage back over to our fun headliners. (but you can find more info linked below)


When the boys from Prehab came back, they did as promised and played us some original music.  They were amazing.  Unfortunately I had a hard time getting accurate information on this great band, but the very humble Tommy Scott was kind enough to contact me with the band’s info and fill me in.  Hailing from California and together since 2006, the guys can be found every Monday night at Rock & Roll Pizza and their site is listed below.  I will definitely be going back for another night of good food and entertainment and hopefully a chance to get some more info on this great group of rockers!

A HUGE Thank You to Tommy Scott and Prehab, I look forward to seeing you all soon!



Of course this review was also about a very fun venue… So How was the PIZZA?

My friends and I had fun and sampled the pizza, cannoli, coffee and of course the full bar. I thought the pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza was great. It was fresh and hot and thin NY style.  I have been told that lunch is very different than dinner, so your mileage may vary.  The coffee was coffee, not bad but not amazing.  (but if you are coming here for coffee, something is wrong)  My screwdriver had good juice, but the not quite enough vodka.  I was told that the martini was also a bit on the weak side.  The cannoli on the other hand… delicious!  I was told they are not made in house and who cares? They are really, really good! (and THIS must be why they even serve coffee)  They also have salad and pasta on the menu.  This would be a great place to take a crowd or family and it is affordable. Overall, it was great and I will be certainly be back.


Redball’s Rock and Roll Rizza  13816 Princeton Ave, Moorpark, California

Gypsy Stew is recognized as one of Southern California’s top Americana Music Artists.  Please check them out on their  Reverb Nation Page here: