Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to sit down with country music singer, songwriter and guitarist Ryan Kinder. We learned some really cool facts about Ryan, who is known for his heartfelt music. The first is that he was born in Knoxville, Tennessee but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. As an 8th grader, he joined a guitar class. He really only signed up because his best friend did, but it was in this class that he discovered a talent that would change his life.

At one point in middle school, Ryan decided to try out for the baseball team. When he didn’t make the cut, he decided to pour his time and effort into music. By the time he went to college at the University of Alabama, he was playing in a popular cover band with his brother. They performed at local festivals, weddings, sororities, and bars.

The major turning point in Ryan’s life was the Tuscaloosa tornado in 2011. After witnessing the devastation that hit his college’s town, Ryan realized that life was too short to not pursue the one thing he loved – music. Prior to this, he would spend his weekdays in Alabama going to school and playing gigs with his brother. He would only travel to Nashville on the weekends to do some songwriting. After the tornado, he abandoned this routine and decided to move to Nashville to work full-time on his music. Since then, he’s never looked back.

Upon relocating to Nashville, Ryan worked to hone his songwriting skills. He spent time with well-known Nashville songwriters including Luke Sheets and Jen Ketner. He also signed a record deal with Bigger Picture Group. This gave him the opportunity to work with some other big names in the music industry including John Kelton and Keith Stegall. He released his debut single, “Tonight”, in 2013. He followed it up with “Kiss Me When I’m Down” (released early 2014). Over the years, Ryan has released many other popular singles such as “Close” (2016) and “Still Believe in Crazy Love” (2017).

This year has been big for Ryan! He’s already produced a massive hit in the form of his single, “Leap of Faith”. He also just recently released a brand new single called “Stay”.

Ryan doesn’t only have a passion for music; he also has a passion for helping others. He set up a charity called Kinder’s Kids. At his concerts, he adds toys to his tour rider and donation bins. He collects and then distributes them to children of families who live in less fortunate communities or who are affected by natural disasters. Future plans for his charity include being able to open up a music school for less fortunate children.

We’re so thrilled to have had the chance to interview Ryan, and we hope to check back in with him again soon! Stay tuned to Music Mix Daily for more news about Ryan Kinder!