It is known as “Bird Song” and was co-written years back while family friend Carrie Fisher was still alive. Now, the haunting music is presented as a duet by Sean Lennon and Willow Smith and sounds so incredibly beautiful that one can keep it on replay to match just about any mood. It is by far one of the best masterpieces of the year yet. After all, it does feature the vocals of a woman Lennon has referred to as a “prodigal angel.”

Sean Lennon is the son of the late John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The piano ballad is about “staying up late and hearing the birds sing” according to Lennon’s Soundcloud page, and was recorded after actress Fisher passed away in December. “When she died I just felt I had to record it,” Lennon explained. “The lyrics she wrote with me I think are marvelous. Carrie and I used to stay up ’till dawn chatting and pontificating about life.” The current version of the song is only an unmixed demo and was recorded in a few hours. However, it sounds fantastic and the lyrics really manage to capture your attention once you get past the angelic tune. There is a striking resemblance to the Beatles’ song “Because” as Lennon sings, “It’s all so wrong/ To greet the dawn/ The birds sing that awful song saying/ ‘You don’t belong here!'”

Carrie Fisher was one of Sean Lennon’s dearest friends and, as such, having such a beautiful song presented to the world in wake of her passing is remarkable. Almost as beautiful as “Candle in the Wind” in tribute to Princess Diana. Each matched the wonderful woman who inspired the recording of the masterpieces.