There is Something Special about the Second Reputation Single Released


Tailor Swift is a fan favorite with a large repertoire of hit singles and top albums under her sleeve. She is the fashionista all want to befriend and the author of lyrics that touch your heartstrings, at least for the most part. She is famous for using her past relationships as her muse for her music. Her upcoming album, Reputation, is being set up to bring her music to the masses in a manner that is both modern and entirely still her. A Rapping Taylor Swift with a digital music background was maybe not expected, but it works so well! The album is out on November 10, 2017, but it is “…Ready for It?” that captures our attention to the fullest. As the second song released off the album, it is jam packed with musical goodies, the rapping aspect only a side serving to the whole meal. Apparently, we are listening to the opening track with this one, where things get a little darker and a whole lot more aggressive than we are used to. Of course for some Swift fans, “Love Story” will always pop into mind when we think Taylor Swift, no matter how far she strays from that genre.

“…Ready For It?” is set to serve as the opening soundtrack for the ABC fall season promos, including college football coverage, which is quite rad. She’s also got a new Video-On-Demand channel happening, while her battles with one artist after another continue. In the meantime, the first single off the album, “Look What You Made Me Do” has jumped from its No. 77 spot to No. 1, Swift’s fifth song to make that stage. The Hot 100 chart is one of the most important in the USA, making this victory something to truly celebrate. Yep, whatever is to come next, Taylor Swifts is definitely ready for it.