Selena Gomez Tops Chart with Revival

Music Mix Daily Staff

Selena Gomez 1


Selena Gomez kept things consistent when her second album, Revival, stole the number one spot on Billboard charts. The young and incredibly talented singer pushed The Game’s The Documentary 2 out of the top slot.

At the young age of 23, this is an astonishing accomplishment for the singer-songwriter. Originally known for her role on the Disney TV Show, Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez also formed her own band back in 2008. Called Selena Gomez & the Scene, the group released three albums before calling it quits. It must have been great practice for Gomez, considering how well she’s been doing as a solo artist!

Selena Gomez 2

After her first solo album, Stars Dance, made it to number one in 2013, the dance-pop musician has done a few collaborations, and been kept busy with acting and family. But she still made the time to release a second album, including the hit single “Good For You“, which features the rapper ASAP Rocky.

To make things even more exciting as the album is out to fans, Selena has teamed up with Justin Bieber, with whom she has been in a long-term but rocky relationship that many think is nearing its end, and released (perhaps not on purpose) a song about relationship issues titled “Strong.” While the song was deleted shortly after it surfaced, there are plenty of copies floating around on the internet already.

The new album certainly showcases a new Gomez, she herself sharing that it is time for her “to butterfly” (although we’re not used to that word as a verb, we can only assume changed from a lowly caterpillar)! Regardless of the message, the singer’s powerful voice is heard in every song over catchy beats. We don’t doubt for a second that these will be big hits at the clubs, but also in young women’s bedrooms across the world.