Shania Teases with Two New Songs!


Having achieved the title of best-selling country singer, Shania Twain has certainly been a star on the musical stage for decades and she shows no signs of slowing down. With her newest “Life’s About to Get Good”, she gives us hope for a better tomorrow, while “Swingin’ with My Eyes Closed” brings back fond memories of childhood.

Over 85 million albums sold worldwide and Twain she still has all the swag an artist of her caliber can yield. Add on a rocking body and an impeccable fashion sense and you have one musical talent who will be a master of the music world for another few decades.

Twain’s going to be bringing us her first album in 15 years and the excitement among country lovers everywhere is beyond palpable. We are getting impatient for September 29th to arrive now, as we enjoy her last masterpiece called Up! from 2002. Her new songs are set to be part of this album, and were performed for the first time on the NBC Today show the morning of June 16th. The 19-song set was fun, full of favorites and made sure to remind the audience and the world that the 51-year old songstress is back!

Shania Twain’s got quite a few hit singles to boast about, with “From This Moment On” one that will be a classic forever, we feel. Where was it written? Apparently at a soccer match! “I write best when I’m really bored and I have nothing else going on,” she explained during a Shania trivia session on the show, “and the game was really boring.” We should get her to boring games more often. That 15 year wait between albums is quite maddening to say the least. It’s a good thing NOW is available for pre-order already!