Shaun Frank Interview

By Hazen Witemeyer @Hazengirl



When I learned Shaun Frank was coming to Atlanta to play at Opera night club this week, to say I was elated is a bit of an understatement. See, Canadian-born Frank is an incredible talent who has been making astounding dance music in collaboration with artists like Borgeous, KSHMR, Vanrip, DVBBS and more. “Shades of Gray” — a collaboration with Oliver Heldens and Delaney Jane — was hands down THE BEST SONG of 2015. My love for Frank’s performances increased by orders of magnitude when I saw Frank play at Sunset Music Fest (SMF) in 2016 in Tampa. When Delaney Jane joined him to deliver songs like LaLaLand and Heaven – I thought I had died and gone to one or both of those places.

So I thought I would ask for an interview. I figured I would never get airtime with such an incredible star. But … that’s what makes EDM and its top talent so special: they haven’t forgotten their fans. Frank graciously accepted my request.
His latest single,”Let You Get Away” ft. Ashe, is available on his website and your music player of choice.

1. What are you working on these days? Can we expect some new tracks or new collaborations?

I’ve got a bunch of new original tunes that are like 75% done. I’ve been spending all my time off of touring wrapping these tracks up and I can’t wait to put them all out. I have  another really cool one coming with Ashe, and also a new one with Delaney Jane that we’re both singing on.

2. You’ve been a part of the EDM scene for a bit. What’s it been like watching the genre evolve and become more mainstream?

I mean for me I consider it a good thing, because I’ve always been more of the a songwriter than a beat maker. It’s nice to see songs with actual stories and lyrics that mean something coming to the forefront of dance music

3. What trends do you predict fans will see in EDM in the next year?

I predict that we’re gonna see a lot of DJ’s playing instruments live…I hope they all get some lessons haha! I also predict a lot of them will probably fake it and it will be obvious in a lot of cases.

4. Where is your favorite place to play and why?

I love playing in my home town of Toronto. The dance music scene has always been so ahead of the curve and energetic here. I can’t wait for another hometown show.

5. What else would you like your fans to know about you and your music?

I’m looking forward to finally getting a bunch of my originals out. As you may know most of my early tracks were collaborations, and now his year is all about these originals which I’ve been working on for quite some time. I come from a band background, I played in a band called The Envy for a few years before I started Djing, and I’m looking forward to taking it back in that direction a bit as the music and touring calls for it. I can’t wait to be singing on stage again.

Thanks for the interview guys!