Stageit Online Concerts

By Lesa Browning

I recently “discovered” something amazing….  No matter where you might be in the world, no matter how much snow is piled up outside, how many sleeping kids are under your care or how crazy your work hours might be…  You CAN see and hear live music!

Stageit Online Concerts is a great platform that allows music lovers to log on to their site and not only enjoy their favorite artists, but interact with them as well.  All this from the comfort of your own home, or any location of your choice, via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Seriously guys, this is cool, read on for how it works.

Stageit is a really neat thing that allows music fans to gather in  their homes, offices or pretty much any location they like. All you really need is some type of Internet connection.  Artists set the date and time of  their shows and the price of tickets.  Fans buy a ticket and log in at the appropriate time.  Fans can also tip the artist via the “note” system where Stageit allows you to pre-buy notes at a cost of 10 cents per note.  This allows the artists to be paid based on performance. In case you are wondering, no, the artists can’t see you, so there is no need to get out of your PJs or put on make up.  But you get to see them up close and personal and it is quite fun to hear them ad-lib and talk to the audience at home.  Most artists seem to do these shows from home or broadcast from a small venue, but I have read about some very silly shows done in an artist’s shower or hot tub, so you just never know!  Stage shows are not recorded or archived.

Direct from the Stageit website:

“Artists decide when to play, what to play and how much they want to charge. Fans then buy virtual tickets to the show using our virtual currency called “Notes” (1 Note = 10¢ USD). Fans can chat with artists and other like-minded fans and tip performers throughout the show.”

Who plays Stageit shows?  Lots of people!  The main stage has seen the likes of John Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles.  The current, most popular fan picks are Christina Grimme, Daniela Andrade, Rodney Atkins & Rose Falcon, Jason Manns & Nick Howard.  But the place  that I think Stageit shines brightest is when they offer performances by artists that are somewhat new on the music scene.  The opportunity to find new music that you love is awesome! Something about “getting in on the ground floor” always gets me excited and I just love following newer artists as their careers progress.  (you vets out there know I am thinking about KONGOS, The Royal Concept, Rozzi Crane, Small Pools  and a few others that I have been passionate about from what feels like the start. Oh how I would have loved to have seen them on a platform like Stageit!)

The Stageit performance I participated in was a great Holiday show with Mikey Wax.  (If you are not familiar with the music of this incredibly talented young artist, I highly recommend you check out his social media sites listed below or just cut to the chase and trek on over to iTunes and take a listen, he does not disappoint)  The show Mikey Wax played was a “pay what want” deal and he was joined in his home, complete with both a Christmas tree and Menorah, by his sometimes touring sidekick, the always funny and talented Joe Striffler.  With their winning personalities, lots of real time interaction, promising to do an encore performance in costume and offering really fun prizes to the top three supporters, the guys generated a little competition among their loyal fan base. (and hopefully some cash as well)  I have to admit that I had a little fun during the show with the “note” system.  I had purchased a large quantity before the show and began the show in something like the top 5 among the fans participating.  Being a big believer that musicians deserve to be paid, I playfully tossed out relatively large numbers of notes to see how quickly those in the number 1 or 2 position would follow.  I really wasn’t trying to stay in the top spot and at the end tried to be strategic as to not bump the very loyal number one fan, Heather,  to number 2 with no time to rebound.  It worked!  Heather finished in the top spot, I ended up in the number 2 place and overall the guys made the 10,000 note goal they were after.  Fans, of course, then were thrilled when Mikey came out as Santa and Joe as his Elf.  The 15 minute encore was a lot of fun.  During the entire show we as home participants were able to leave comments, requests and of course “claps” for the guys.  Every few songs Joe would read the viewers’ comments or requests.  It was really a fun and intimate way to get to know the artists.


Overall this was a GREAT experience!  I had gifted a ticket and some notes to my sister in law, Shana, hoping we could share the experience from opposite sides of the state.  She also had a great time and was able to “discover” some new music herself.  (I love when sharing works, and my friends become fans of my favorite artists! LOL)   I have since scoured the Stagit calendar and signed up for several more shows.  It is a great way to supplement my concert schedule and a really fun way to find new up-and-coming artists you might otherwise not be able to see live.  I highly recommend it.

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