Team Growl: Matt and Mikey

By Blake Ellert


Watching Team Growl perform is always an experience and obviously one I feel is worth sharing. I’ve seen Team Growl perform twice and I’ve shared a beer with lead singer Matthew Winters a few times. When watching the performance you can hear the pain in Matthew’s voice while the lyrics tell a story of a man who has struggled with his demons. The lyrics are personal and tell the musings of a man who has lived a life that has been lived hard. There is an energy in the performance that surges throughout the bar pulsating throughout the crowd, you can feel every word sang and every note played. It’s not out of character to see the band immerse themselves into the crowd to finish out a show, taking the performance to another stratosphere. At the end of the day I’m just a fan, this band gives me hope for Spokane’s local music scene. In an industry that’s constantly producing music geared for mass appeal, hearing honest music is more refreshing than any beer I could’ve had that night.

Team growl, formed in 2008, is a “Psycho Dylan/Nostalgic Acoustic”  band from Spokane, WA.

Members:  Matthew Winters, & Mikey Dane

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