The 1975 Take Fans on an Emotional Rollercoaster

Music Mix Daily Staff




This week, it seemed that the 1975 are either breaking up or pulling a crazy April Fool’s Joke a couple months too late. First came lead singer Matty Healy’s cryptic cartoon, which he posted to social media earlier today. The cartoon depicts fans who are freaking out over the 1975 having split up – which is exactly the result the cartoon had on Twitter and Facebook followers, of course.

To make matters worse, the cartoon included a mysterious message, ending with what certainly sounds like a break-up to us: “The hardest part of any relationship is to say goodbye … So we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you.” If The 1975 aren’t leaving us forever, they are at least toying with our hearts!

For all those who read the cartoon with hope that the band was merely changing their image, there was even worse news: less than 24 hours later, all of the band’s social media accounts had been deactivated (though the cartoon can still be found on the band’s manager’s, Jamie Oborne’s, Twitter page.

Still, for an indie rock band whose debut album back in 2013 shot to #1 in their home of the United Kingdom, breaking up so soon seems senseless, not to mention painful for the band’s followers. We can only hope it isn’t true. After all, the cartoon also includes two versions of Matty himself, one dubbed “old” and colored black, wrapped around another, titled “young” and colored pink. With their puzzling letter mentioning that the band must “change not only visually but philosophically”, perhaps admirers can hope that The 1975 are merely going to extreme lengths in an attempt to reinvent themselves?

It turns out that was exactly what the band members, Matty, Adam, George, and Ross, had in mind. The group released what seemed to be artwork for their second album. The biggest connection from the previous posts to these ones is the ‘new’ pink Matty from the cartoon and the fact that the new artwork is pink too (a pink square and lit-up pink 1975 numbering).

Several hours later, The 1975 announced a new album and UK tour dates for November.



Looking forward to more teasers from The 1975!