The New Quavo Album

The New Quavo Album -The year is coming to an end, meaning we love our holiday gifts in the form of a new Quavo and Travis Scott album, alongside some other goodies. Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is a rather interesting hip hop number that has already caught the attention of many with its thought-provoking lyrics that hit a little too close to home sometimes. The collaborative project has long been teased on social media and has been available for streaming, as of December 21st. The cover art is by Ralph Steadman, a famous Welsh illustrator. It doesn’t exactly look pretty but seems to get the message across.  On their own, Scott released his last album over a year ago, while Quavo came through with one in early 2017. With collaborations the latest trend in the music world, the vocal and musical combinations yielding some pretty incredible tracks, it is clear that we are seeing a rather intriguing musical evolution here.

While not all the lyrics will appeal to all fans, there are a few lines throughout that really manage to stand out and catch our attention. “All these damn chains, modern slavery/But this ain’t 1800 so they pay me…” and “She want me to get her a bag, a house, maybe a Beamer/I might say some shit out of my mouth but still won’t leave her/I might say some shit out of my mouth, call my paralegal/I did done some shit in my life right in that Regal/Go Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, that shit lethal/Can’t live backwards, live life, that shit evil” come to mind, among others. It is clear that the artists relate with their fans, but it would be great if we found incredible lyrics in every song released, as well.

This surprise release of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho was certainly a welcome treat for fans everywhere. Props for bringing us something great to listen to over the holidays. The media teasers were simply excellent.