The Wombats: Reviewed

By: Mallory Culbertson for Music Mix Daily



The Wombats, a band that is comprised of human males, graced the University District of Seattle to perform at the historic Neptune Theater, late Tuesday night. Normally I wouldn’t complain about a band coming on late, but it’s a weeknight and some of us have homework that they procrastinated too long on. The Neptune, for those who don’t know, is a small theatre right in the heart of U-District. It’s a comfortable theatre, especially if you’re a fan of many faces of Neptune staring down at you with glowing eyes, I know I am.

Kicking things off at 8:45 on a fuckin Tuesday, was the opening act Cheerleader.

Final Cheerleader

Apparently their debut record had dropped that night and they were stoked. (I’m reading here in my notes that I wrote “great chest hair.” Reporting at it’s finest, good job me). Their sound at the Neptune on Tuesday could be described as “Death Cab for Cutie goes to the beach.” They were definitely upbeat and fun, but something about the vocals struck me as very mood confused Death Cab. It’s all very pop punk. Nevertheless, their new album, The Sunshine of Your Youth, is out now and I’m currently listening to it on Spotify until it switches me back to my playlist titled “Kill Your Creator: AI Power Jamz – By Ava.”

Next up was Life in Film

Final Life

Starting off strong with a song that I didn’t catch the name of, but was firmly space punk in genre. I didn’t catch the song title because they literally didn’t even say “hey” before starting, they just dove right in. Collectively, they’d probably make a terrible boyfriend. Their songs were simple and boppy, but fun. Their accent was, vaguely European?? Could’ve been English, could’ve been Australian, I certainly couldn’t tell. Someone from the crowd shouted “who are you?” about half way into their set, asking the question literally everyone else was asking in their mind. If I had to compare these guys to someone, it’d have to be Mumford and Sons. New “synthesizer, full drum kit, less banjo” Mumford and Sons, not old school Mumfs. All in all though, I’d definitely classify them as “Roswell punk” and give them a 7/10, meaning that I would totally listen to their music while searching for any truth that may be out there.


Final Wombats

Alright finally, at nearly 10:15, the Wombats come on stage. Literally as soon as they walked on stage, someone in the audience lit a blunt. This has actually happened at the past few shows I’ve been to…. #bless. They were very polite through the entire show, thanking us after every song. This was the last stop on their U.S. tour and they were having a good time with it. They were very upbeat and fun, sometimes throwing in some very depressing lyrics to confuse your heart. There’s definitely a pre-2000’s garage rock thing about them, with a little space age modernity spiced in with that synthesizer doing funky stuff. One of their song lyrics was “she’s my little pipe dream fantasy” and my notes literally say “fucking EW god,” which is still how I feel about that lyric. Going in, I really only knew 3 or 4 songs, so when “Emoticons” came on, I was stoked to have actually recognized one. The large group of high school boys next to us were way more prepared than I was, gasping and cheering every time they recognized the opening of a song. One of their friends literally had a seizure. That’s not even a joke, that actually happened and I gave her my water bottle. This isn’t necessarily part of the review, but I just tried to break of a piece of Toblerone chocolate and it SQUISHED in my hand. Does this mean the Wombats are hot? Fire even? I don’t believe so yet, but I want to believe.