Neil Young The Visitor


Neil Young is still looking as great as ever, this time around bringing fans a much awaited new album titled The Visitor. It is a team effort with Lukas Nelson’s band, Promise of the Real, with a political twist to it. “Already Great” is a single that is pretty much a lyrical response to the new president’s tagline about making America great again. As one of the staunch opposition to Donald Trump taking the presidency, he went so far as to bar the use of “Rockin’ in the Free World” during the Trump campaigns alongside some very public speeches against him.

Neil Young is 72 years of age and doesn’t seem to show any signs of retiring from the music world. With nearly 40 albums to his name, avid fans have quite the library of incredible lyrics by the truly talented artist. The Visitor is officially Young’s 39th record. Reviews have been all over the album and the general consensus is that we love the cranky rage channeled through the music we are presented with. The Canadian simply loves the US and makes it clear with his lyrics. We have become used to his style at this point, with his work arriving on a constant basis when inspiration hits, the latest of which have been quite politically fueled. He’s stayed true to his music, which is a perfect accompaniment to a cross-country drive really. It’s got all the right notes to keep you singing along and enjoying the timber in a voice that appears to be ageless. The Visitor cannot really be put into a single mold, instead, taking on its own wings and flying through different themes that move from politics to game show hosts and everything in between. We’re just glad it’s not only a series of protest songs. All in all, we are super curious to see how the 40th album release will be celebrated!