Three New BTS Songs for Anniversary Celebration


K-Pop is rocking it in the American music scene these days, with BTS making quite the splash with its Billboard Music Awards win last month. It was epic on historic proportions and definitely in need of a celebration. June 13 was their anniversary and the BTS Festa ensured a party to remember, complete with several special events held over the first two weeks of June. Fans were also treated to three new songs in the form of “4 O’Clock” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” alongside a revamp on “So Far Away.” While the first is a melancholic soft rock piece co-produced by two of the band’s members, the latter two are covered by Jungkook and Suga respectively, and have been previously released on separate occasions. All three songs have been uploaded to Youtube and SoundCloud for us to enjoy. All three sound pretty amazing, both in lyrics and sound compilation.

BTS is also known as the Bangtan Boys and features seven South Korean young men, with their Korean/Japanese band name translating directly as Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They appeared on the music scene in 2013 and have already released four albums, two in Korean and two in Japanese. They’ve also had three world tours to date, outside of their Asian tours, one per year since 2015. Who would have thought that they would also have three separate reality shows based on the BTS members? They are known for their incredible music and their selfless philanthropy, with the media having a field day with their news lately. By June 2017, they have certified platinum, become a global fashion phenomenon, and even been named K-pop kings of social media by The Guardian. Even Vogue sent out a message claiming BTS as the best dressed boy band at the Billboard Music Awards. The group works well together, it appears, and we hope they do not end up splitting up anytime soon, as all boy bands inevitably do. At the moment though, fans and fans-to-be are awaiting some great new music from the seven, even if they are unaware of it yet.