Tim McGraw Sundown Heaven Town Tour Review

with Kip Moore & Cassadee Pope

By Lesa Browning




Tim McGraw is taking his Sundown Heaven Town Tour across the country this summer.  This tour precedes the upcoming album due to release in September. The Country music mega star recently stopped in Sacramento. CA where I had the opportunity to enjoy his show for the first time.  Opening for McGraw was the always awesome Kip Moore and Season 3 winner of NBC’s The Voice, Cassadee Pope.


This year I am the proud owner of Live Nation’s “Country Mega Ticket” which is an awesome way to lock in your seats for pretty much every hot country show of the season.  (score!)  The first show of the Mega Ticket season in Sacramento was Tim McGraw’s Sundown Heaven tour.  I was looking forward to this one because somehow I had never made it to a Tim McGraw show.  (I know, I know, he is only one of Country music’s hottest entertainers…) I was eager to see what all the fuss was about.  Also, I am a big fan of Kip Moore.  I would have easily shown up just for Moore.  Add to this the fact that I am a serious fan of the NBC hit TV show The Voice, which Cassadee Pope won a couple seasons’s back and this first Mega Ticket event was a big one for me!


I attended this show with a small group of friends.  Mega Ticket holders have access to a private party area and we had planned to arrive with thin to check it out.  But unfortunately area traffic was horrible, and we had to creep in at about 25 MPH.  Parking was organized but very crowded.  Fortunately it is not a long walk to the entrance once you get parked.  There were however, very long lines to get inside on this night and the combo of traffic and lines ate up any extra time we might have had.  We could hear Cassadee Pope signing while we were still in line.  Unfortunately her set was fairly short and we completely missed her!  (but she sounded great from where we were standing)  The show was sold out and it was obvious the moment we got in the gates.  Sleep Train Wheatland is a great venue.  We spent a little time navigating the masses to hit the mech booth and the bar before heading in to find our seats.  Our Mega Ticket seats are in the 7th row, giving a great view. We settled in just as Kip Moore was starting his set.

IMG_3888 IMG_3889


Moore was a terrific opener for McGraw.  Like McGraw, Moore is touring in advance of his next album.  He took the stage with a huge amount of energy and kept it up for the entire set.  Playing a mix of old favorites as well as some new stuff  that will likely be on his Sophomore album, Moore had the crowd engaged from the moment he hit the stage.  He played well to the audience and danced around in that fun style he has become known for.  We liked his simple backdrop that had an outline of Moore in one of his famous poses.  Kip Moore sounds great, live, even better than we had expected! Moore’s hot single Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck was a clear fan favorite, but we were thrilled with everything he did.

For more information on Kip Moore’s second studio album check out www.KipMooreMusic.com



After a short “booze and bathroom break” the crowd was getting antsy for the headliner.  Fortunately, the wait was not long and the reward was big!  Tim McGraw comes on stage and is instantly larger than life.  Before the opening song was over I got it.  It is easy to see why Tim has been a chart toper for 20 plus years. McGraw will release his 13th studio album, Sundown Heaven Town in September.  He is touring in advance of the albums release and sharing loads of new music with his fans.  McGraw slips easily between his old favorites that every fan wants to hear like Indian Outlaw and One of Those Nights and then switching it up with brand new songs that no one has heard yet.  Our favorites on the new album are Two Lanes of Freedom, Mexicoma and It’s Your World. It was hard to tell who was more excited about the new music, McGraw in sharing it or his fans who felt like they were getting a great sneak peek into what was coming this fall.  Country music fans are a loyal bunch, and McGraw’s are no exception.  It is easy to see why he has such a following.  McGraw was right down in the crowd, literally sitting on the catwalk section of the stage in the middle of the GA “pit” area.  This put him right on the level of his fans and while he bantered, sang and played with the many iPhones held out for selfies, you could see the happiness in the eyes of everyone around him.  His music is infectious.  Well written lyrics and a hard rockin’ band create the perfect storm for a Summer kick off party, cowboy style.

IMG_3922 IMG_4012

For more on the Sundown Heaven Town tour be sure to check out www.Timmcgraw.com