Toni Braxton has been taking some time for herself, but she is back! It has been over eight years now since we last saw a solo album from talented songwriter and singer, Toni Braxton. Her new single “Long as I Live” debuted in mid February, and we are looking forward to a full-fledged album, titled Sex & Cigarettes due out March 23rd. It is Braxton’s ninth studio album and a long-awaited one at that. Considering the fact that “Unbreak My Heart” and “Spanish Guitar” still hold our hearts, despite the myriad of other top singles on the list, we wonder if there will be something equally as heart-wrenching or barrier-free passionate like the ones we have imprinted on our memory to date.

Braxton came out into the music world back in 1992 and has gathered millions of fans throughout the last decades. The album is very personal, diving into her failed relationship, the heartbreak of knowing he has managed to move on so quickly and somewhat reminiscent of “Hello” from Adele in its female empowerment. “Long as I Live” is as sultry as we expected, while the album will also be featuring Braxton’s newly announced fiance, rapper Birdman, as well as a duet with fellow Grammy-winner Colbie Caillat.

Other than new music, an upcoming album, a recently confirmed engagement…..the Braxton family has also teamed up with Magical Elves Production and WE TV to create a reality show that allows them to be who they are, without portraying any negative stereotypes. That should be just as intriguing for fans who love both Toni and Tamar. “Hopefully we can set the standard for other shows; that you don’t have to act like a bunch of idiots to be on TV. It’s not what this is about. I don’t want to punch my sister in the face. I love my sister.” With those words making clear the Braxton stance, it is sure to be an interesting segway from typical reality television.