Two Groovy Songs You’d Never Heard Before the 2015 CMA Festival

Lesa Browning & Music Mix Daily Staff



We are almost into August but most of us that attended the 2015 CMA Music Festival have not forgotten the crazy amounts of fun we had and the music is probably going to live in our heads until we head back to Nashville in 2016.  We continue our coverage today with two great new songs from two very talented artists.

There really is nothing to compare with singing along to your favorite hits at the CMA Music Festival. But there is something to be said for the brave artists who use the Festival as an opportunity to debut never-before-heard songs. The fact of the matter is, they can never be sure exactly what reaction they will receive. However, this year, our ears were most certainly thankful for the experience! Here is a look at two of the best new songs unveiled at the 2015 CMA Music Festival:

Luke Bryan’s “Fast”

Luke Bryan 1

With Luke Bryan’s good looks and adorable smile, it probably doesn’t matter too much what he’s playing on the stage. But, lucky for us, this country singer has got musical talent to write home about, too. The Georgia native has always had a passion for music but didn’t relocate to Nashville until he finished college. The reason was his desire to stay close to his family after the tragic death of his older brother, Chris, in a car accident. Throughout the years, his parents remained supportive of his musical talent and he eventually made the move to Nashville with his loved ones’ blessings. It didn’t take long until he was producing hits. While Luke was gaining fans, a second tragedy befell his family as his sister died suddenly, from unknown and still undetermined causes. Married with kids of his own now, including his sister’s son, Luke has never stopped making music and continues to recruit new admirers every day. In fact, the singer says his family plays a huge role in his musical success: if his boys are dancing along and want to hear the song again and again, he knows it has a good chance of being a major success!

Luke debuted his latest single, “Fast,” in the coziest of settings, his CMA Festival Fan Club Party. Instead of focusing on fast cars or the fastest runner on the baseball team, Luke wants to bring you to the moment when things are moving just too fast. Indeed, the song serves as a reminder that sometimes you just want to “slow it down, soak it in.” The genuine lyrics made us think about his siblings and kids. We bet he is a great father and husband, knowing just how precious his time with his family is. He speaks directly to his wife at one moment, saying “Those eyes, that dress, that smile, that laugh, If I could hit pause I would somehow.” The sweet, thoughtful song was a wonderful teaser for his supporters, who are anxiously awaiting the release of his next album, Kill the Lights, which will hit the shelves on August 7th.

You can watch Luke Bryan’s 2015 CMA performance of Fast here: 

Lauren Alaina’s “The Road Less Travelled”

Lauren Alaina

Another Georgian-born artist, Lauren Alaina, got her big break as the runner-up of American Idol’s Tenth Season. Her first album, Wildflower, swooped onto the charts with a bang, first appearing at number 5 on the US Billboard 200. An impressive feat in itself, Alania is stepping up the game for her second album, which is set to be released in the next few months. The singer not only co-wrote most of the songs on the album, she also told Taste of Country that the record essentially features “a new me!” Part of the reason for that might be the voice surgery she recently underwent, forcing the artist to take a break from singing and reassess her musical goals.

Debuting several songs during the 2015 CMA Music Fest, Alaina definitely impressed with her fresh take on music. One of our favorites from the new album was “The Road Less Travelled,” in which she uses her mesmerizing voice to advise listeners to “trust their heart,” “kick up the gravel” and “take the road less travelled on.” From the song’s twangy guitars to Alaina’s cute interactions with the crowd, the song and it’s singer won us over. Other catchy tunes from the soon-to-be-released record that were introduced at the Fest include the fun-loving number “Crashin’ the Boys Club” and the somewhat-jazzy “Queen of Hearts.” We’re looking forward to hearing the album versions, which we’re sure will keep the same intense energy Alaina brings to the stage!

You can watch Lauren Aliana 2015 CMA performance of The Road Less Travelled here: 

Stick with us as we continue to follow the many amazing artists from the 2015 CMA Music Festival!