Tyga Goes Kardashian in Doped Up Video

Music Mix Daily Staff

Tyga and Kylie Kardashian


California rapper Tyga has teamed up with Kylie Jenner for a horror and ghoul filled music video. The release, timed perfectly for this year’s Halloween celebrations, seems like a homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but it certainly takes on a life of its own (as does Kylie Jenner in her role as a zombie!).


This isn’t Kylies first time appearing in a Tyga video – she was also featured in the video for his hit song “Stimulated.”  In “Doped Up,” Kylie and Tyga take on the roles of high school sweethearts – which isn’t too far from the truth considering that 18 year old Kylie and 25 year old Tyga are dating in real life. We’re just hoping that the zombie part isn’t true to life, as well!

In fact, the video doesn’t stop at zombies – it has plenty of horror film references including a girl that looks like she’s straight from the filming of The Ring, not to mention twins who look like they are straight out of The Shining. Oh, and did we mention the Frankenstein look-alike?

While the video seems to be having a lot of fun paying homage to Halloween, Tyga’s music certainly isn’t causing us to scream in horror.  Tyga’s fourth and latest album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, was produced by Kanye West (another link to the Kardashian-Jenner clan) but the new song does not belong on any of his albums that have been released (yet). It is planned to be released on a mixtape called Rawwest Nigga Alive in the future.

The song itself features the usual rap lyrics from Tyga, all set over a rough bassline beat. Unlike the video, the song itself doesn’t pay much attention to Halloween or the general creepy setting. Instead, it talks about the rap start lifestyle and compares being a rapper to feeling high and getting fans high, too: “I hit the game like a dope’d up needle uh, Yeah yeah, shootin’ dope through the speakers”.