Violent Soho’s New Album is a Collaboration with Fans

Music Mix Daily Staff

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Violent Soho’s New Album is a Collaboration with Fans….Well, kind of.

Australian rock band Violent Soho have announced that they’ve started working on a follow-up to their 2013 album, Hungry Ghost. The new record, notably without a title at this point, will be the group’s fourth full length album.

On the group’s Twitter, they shared the news of their new album in typical alt-punk style, “We start recording our new album today. Pretty fucking pumped!” They then followed up the sailor-mouthed news with the request to fans that, “If you have any album name suggestions send them on through.”

That’s when the story gets good, because fans did not fall short on this request. The Twittersphere lit up with great and hilarious titles, which Violent Soho have been retweeting when one strikes their fancy (or is just too funny not to retweet). From Butt Pickle and Shitpants: A Memoir, we know which suggestions we hope the band don’t take.

However, a couple we’re pretty great (and thankfully far from toilet humor), like the dry humor behind the tweet calling for the new album to be deemed Hungrier Ghost. That one is easy enough to sell – we’ll just have to wait for Hungriest Ghost in a couple years’ time!

A couple tweets even got a bit political, like this one:


Twitter 5

(Of course, the guy’s username does include the name Butt, so it really isn’t that far from bathroom humor section).

If our vote counted, we’d be leaning towards this one:

Twitter 4

Because that would be awesome, just like Violent Soho.

Regardless of what name the band decides on, we have to say it was a great way to engage fans and have a little laugh, only sometimes at the bands own expense. We really do hope they take a fan-chosen name, because that would give someone a chance to tell a great story at parties – “Hey, I named that album!”