We Get a Taste of What Truth Feels Like with Gwen Stefani’s New Album

Gwen Stefani 1


It is hard not to love Gwen Stefani. She is an artist with songs that are so full of life and vivacity, that they just get stuck in your mind! So when we hear things like the blonde bombshell with the bright red lips is coming out with a new album, you know that the interest is piqued. Apparently it will be something we can all enjoy and relate to as well, with a bit of a philosophical twist. Definitely something a little different than the standard  sexed up songs and videos of late. From her Twitter post, we can clearly see 12 tracks to the album aptly named This is what the Truth Feels Like…, with songs such as “Where Would I Be?” and “Red Flag” among the list. The official track list actually has 16 songs to it though, with four of them being Target exclusive. Some of these we are a bit iffy about and wonder if they might be lacking in power lyrics, but others really do have us waiting eagerly. It appears that she will be baring her soul to us, so our concerns about her work and career have been assuaged. Not surprisingly, “Used to Love You” is among the list for the album.

The album is due to be released on March 18. Its cover art was revealed by People magazine via Instagram.

Gwen Stefani 2

If we are taking Stefani’s word for it, the No Doubt songstress is giving us the breakup album of the year. Apparently breakups inspire artists best, helping them create beautiful music that in turn helps us cope with our own reality. This is the first album since 2006’s The Sweet Escape that had us all singing along, the third in her career but second as a solo album, and we are happy to see that there are enough songs for two albums these days.

We shall be tuning to the Grammy’s on Monday for a live debut of the “Make me Like You” music video! In cooperation with Target, it is the first music video to be created on live television and will be captured during a four minute commercial break. While the proper single release is scheduled for February 12. The results of the live music video will become the official piece and will be available on Vevo, though fans will have a second viewing of the original video via Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat. So excited!

Full track list:

1. “Misery”

2. “You’re My Favorite”

3. “Where Would I Be”

4. “Make Me Like You”

5. “Truth”

6. “Used to Love You”

7. “Send Me A Picture”

8. “Red Flag”

9. “Asking For It”

10. “Naughty”

11. “Me Without You”

12. “Rare”

13. “Rocket Ship” (Target exclusive)

14. “Getting Warmer” (Target exclusive)

15. “Obsessed” (Target exclusive)

16. “Splash” (Target exclusive)