Since 2010, American indie-alternative band AWOLNATION has been releasing hits. The band is fronted by Aaron Bruno, formerly of Home Town Hero, Under the Influence of Giants and Insurgence. In 2009, he was approached by Red Bull Records in Los Angeles, who offered him free studio time. He eventually ended up signing with the label. Today, the band consists of Bruno as well as Kenny Carkeet, Zach Irons, Isaac Carpenter and Marc Walloch. Here’s a few things you might not know about this great group:


1. Bruno writes all of the songs for AWOLNATION, but he has said that he often asks his friends or family for insight. He also turns to other artists for their opinions.




2. The band’s name actually stemmed from Bruno’s high school nickname. He once told an interviewer that he would leave parties and other places without saying goodbye to anyone. He felt it was just easier this way. The name “AWOL” was taken from the military acronym for “Absent Without Leave”.




3. Bruno has claimed to be a serious Oakland Raiders fan. He has said that he gets very emotional while watching their games, and likes to watch them alone because he has outbursts!


Oakland Raiders


4. Listening to Nirvana inspired Bruno to first pick up a guitar and learn basic cords. He has said, however, that one of his biggest regrets was not sticking with piano lessons in first grade.


awolnation 3


5. Today, the band has sold more than 6 million records worldwide! Their first hit, “Sail”, was only written for fun and ended up being one of their most popular songs!