Just where did Donald McKinley Glover get the rap name Childish Gambino? Well, apparently from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator! If you didn’t know that, then read on to discover 5 more fun facts about Childish Gambino…


1. He’s very popular in the world of stand-up comedy as well as acting and writing. He was actually one of the writers on 30 Rock, and also made some cameo appearances on the show!


Childish Gambino


2. His new album, “Awaken, My Love!”, was released on December 2nd of this year. Instead of his usual hip-hop, it contains more funk influences.



3. He absolutely loves karaoke. In fact, his favorite song to perform is “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal!



4. Childish Gambino’s most favorite lyric is from his own song, ‘All The Shine’, and it goes like this: “Cause I ain’t Mumford, I ain’t tryin’ to have sons. All I wanted was some more like Ashton.”



5. He also produces and remixes other artists’ work under the name mcDJ.


Childish Gambino