What’s in a name? Well, Matt Maust came up with the name for his band, Cold War Kids, while traveling through Budapest. Upon seeing a park and playground with statues that had been dumped after the fall of communism, the name came to him. The band isn’t from Eastern Europe, though. Their hometown is actually Fullerton, California. Cold War Kids was formed in 2004, and members include Nathan Willett, Dann Gallucci, Matt Maust, Joe Plummer and Matthew Schwartz. Willett and Maust were founding members of the band, along with Matt Aveiro (who is no longer with them). What else can we tell you about this chart-topping indie rock band? Take a look:

1. The band’s songs have been inspired by the literary world. Lead singer Nathan Willett has said that he writes better during periods when he’s reading more. His favorite authors include Dostoevsky, Tobias Wolff, David Foster Wallace and Flannery O’Conner.

Cold War Kids


2. The band recently announced that they will be playing Lollapalooza Brazil in March 2016, along with headliners such as Eminem, Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine.



3. In 2014, the band collaborated with Stella Artois (the Belgian brewer company) and sonic inventor Andy Cavatorta. The project, called Chalice Symphony, involved using Stella’s drinking glasses as instruments for the band to use to record the track “A Million Eyes”.


4. Their recent hit, “First”, almost didn’t make it on their album Hold My Home. It was the last song recorded, and was originally intended to be a B-side.


5. Music reviewers and bloggers have been notorious for over-analyzing the band’s music and lyrics. The band has said that they definitely don’t take any of it to heart!

Cold War Kids