Zac Brown Band’s New Album is (Literally) Jekyll and Hyde

By Music Mix Daily Staff



In popular culture, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have come to represent someone who can seem like a completely different person from one moment to the next. Some might go so far as to describe such an individual as having a “split personality”. Zac Brown Band’s latest release, Jekyll + Hyde,  is trying for exactly that incarnation. The album is a venture into the dangerous and difficult territory of mixing genres, embodying diverse musical dispositions at different moments.

Formed in 2008, the Zac Brown Band has been producing fantastic, refreshing country music that has even brought in fans from other genres. Their distinctive twist on country helps explains while all three of their studio albums have gone platinum. The band’s fourth studio album, released on Tuesday, does even more to unhinge the country music scene, incorporating influences from pop, soul, and rock music.

A profoundly innovative and imaginative group, the Zac Brown Band collaborated with musicians from across the board on Jekyll + Hyde. Still, the band’s experimentation isn’t much of a surprise. After all, the Zac Brown Band has made waves recently, after working with Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl. The band was even featured on HBO’s Sonic Highways, portrayed as one of the very few country groups that has managed to avoid, and even triumph over, the commercialized Nashville country music scene. From Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who helped write “Junkyard”, to the jazz influenced singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, who is featured on “Mange Tree”, the lineup on Jekyll + Hyde is diverse. This makes for exceptional, and usually positive, results.

Long-term fans will be pleased to hear that these influences have not deposed the band’s country roots. To the contrary, Jekyll + Hyde has remained true to Southern background, as heard on the album’s first single, “Homegrown”, amongst others.

While we can say that Jekyll + Hyde is a new and exciting adventure for the Zac Brown Band, and one that sometimes pays off, the question remains – can Jekyll and Hyde coexist? Give the album a listen for us, we’re curious what you’ll think!